Pamela's song was a runaway winner...It's the largest margin for a winning song we've ever had, a real testament to the songwriting ability of Ms. Machala.” - Tony Zotta, SongDoor President

SongDoor International Songwriting Competition

Machala artfully turns a phrase and yet still manages to make us dance...[her] piano-rich gems are in the storyteller vein of Ben Folds and Sara Bareilles, yet they are distinctly hers.” - Kalene McCort

Colorado Daily

Machala’s witty, eclectic, and charmingly technical take on piano-pop is catchy, engaging, and thought-provoking all at once. Her stage presence sits somewhere between a cool, laid-back grace and the inner-workings of a pop-mastermind trying not to shine too bright.” - Brody Coronelli

Denver Westword

Pamela Machala kicks and booms on the keys, and she croons with conviction. She has no anxious inner voice warning her to 'reach the note' or 'nail the transition.' Her songs become her, and when she reaches us, we aren’t quite sure how we feel, but we feel so much. That, to me, is a mark of a great player: one who induces disorientation, who provides the listener a multitude of emotions at once with opposing forces like tumult and serenity, elation and sorrow.” - Pete Laffin


Today we’ve got the honor of introducing you to Pamela Machala.”

Canvas Rebel

The piano is the core of her signature soulful and jazzy pop sound. And that sound has helped her find a niche, and plenty of partnerships.” - Steve Graham

The New Scene Magazine